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We are creating the world’s first textile computing platform. We’re integrating technology directly into the only thing we’ve been wearing our entire life – our clothing. Our apparel will be wearable, washable, charges wirelessly and is loaded with invisible technology, resulting in zero habit change. The sensors and actuators embedded within our clothing create what we call your Digital Identity. We’ll enable your digital identity to then be consumed by doctors, coaches, other IoT devices, your family members, etc. Without you consciously having to think about it. Imagine a world where you walk into your house and the temperature automatically adjusts to your optimal body temperature or the lights adjust to your mood or your doctor is aware of the onset of a disease before you even visit. If we accomplish this feat, we will be ushering in a new computing revolution, similar in magnitude to when the first iPhone displaced the watch, the pocket calculator, the camera and the cell phone.

We’re looking for people who believe in our mission to make wearable technology truly ubiquitous and convenient, so that everyone can benefit from it. We are a cross-functional team solving big challenges at the intersection of fashion, electronics, software, and data science.

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